Students study science with the knowledge of God, which is contrary to how the culture of the world views science.  In Science, our teachers seek to help students learn how to use His wisdom and discernment to expose the false information that the world teaches, and reinforce the Truth of creation and the Creator found in God’s Word. As students learn more about God’s world, they develop a deep appreciation and respect for Him and His creation.  As students investigate science, they are able to see aspects of God’s glory and character.

Hands-on experiments and activities activate students’ senses as they discover various aspects of God’s creation. In science, we cultivate a biblical worldview where Truth is evident throughout God’s creation so in turn, students will be in awe of God’s power, glory, and sovereignty.

In the middle school, we more thoroughly introduce students to focused studies on Earth science (6th), life science (7th), and physical science (8th). Developing a deeper understanding of these specific sciences sets the stage for students to be challenged to think scientifically and logically as they investigate God’s world. Middle school students participate in a Science Fair, where they are able to engage in an in-depth experiment.


  • Grade 6: Earth Science (McDougal Littell)
  • Grade 7: Life Science (McDougal Littell)
  • Grade 8: Physical Science (McDougal Littell)